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        1. 上海騰喜建筑工程有限公司
          防爆安全專家 Explosion Safety Expert
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          爆炸泄爆系統(Explosion and discharge system)


          EVN/EVRO 系列無焰泄放裝置旨在熄滅噴射的火焰鋒并減輕粉塵爆炸的壓力。提供多種款式,每種款式均帶有集成式阻火器,旨在提供無焰泄壓。革命性的 EVN/EVRO 系列無焰泄壓閥具有輕質閥板和低開啟壓力。如果發生爆炸,這個無焰通風口會在幾分之一秒內發生反應。發生爆炸后,閥板會再次關閉并密封,從而降低爆炸后火災的風險。

          The EVNl/EVRO range of flameless vents are designed to quench the ejected flamefront and relieve the pressure from a dust explosion. Offered in a range of styles each with an integrated flame arrester designed to provide flameless pressure relief. The revolutionary EVN range of flameless vents have a low-mass valve plate and low opening pressure. This flameless vent reacts within fractions of a second in the event of an explosion. Following an explosion, the valve plate closes and seals again, lowering the risk of post-explosion fires.


          IV8 無焰泄放裝置為位于建筑物內或無法安全采用標準防爆門的區域的過程容器提供防爆解決方案。對于這些應用,無焰防爆可能是最好的保護解決方案。當發生爆炸時,排氣裝置打開,通過阻火器排出爆炸壓力和火焰,從而冷卻熱氣并熄滅火焰。 IV8 采用不銹鋼防爆泄壓口和阻火網,封閉在耐用的碳鋼涂層框架中。集成的通風孔爆裂檢測傳感器允許工廠人員在受保護應用中發生爆炸時做出相應的響應。

          The IV8 Flameless Explosion vent provides an explosion protection solution for process vessels which are located inside a building or areas where standard explosion venting cannot be safely employed. For these applications, flameless explosion vents may be the best protection solution. When an explosion occurs, the venting device opens and vents the explosion pressure and flame through a flame arrester, thereby cooling the hot gases and quenching the flame. The IV8 utilizes a stainless steel explosion relief vent and flame arresting mesh enclosed in a durable carbon steel coated frame. The integrated vent burst detection sensor allows plant personnel to respond accordingly in the event of an explosion within the protected application.


          IEP Technologies 爆破板設計為在預定壓力下打開,以允許火球和爆炸壓力釋放到安全區域。通風板有各種尺寸、配置和開啟壓力可供選擇。根據具體應用,防爆板有平面、多層和圓頂形式,以提供正確的保護解決方案。適用于非常廣泛的爆炸參數范圍,從非常高的 KSt 值到非常低的預測水平,正確設計和選擇的防爆門可以作為最簡單的保護方法。特定應用的最佳通風選項是標準通風口還是無焰通風口;還必須考慮爆炸隔離,以降低火焰傳播到互連過程容器或工廠本身的風險。

          IEP Technologies explosion vent panels are designed to open at a predetermined pressure, to allow the fireball and explosive pressure to vent to a safe area. Vent panels are available in a full range of sizes, configurations and opening pressures. Depending on the specific application, explosion vent panels are available in flat, multi-layer and domed formats to provide the right protection solution. Suitable for a very wide range of explosion parameters ranging from very high KSt values down to very low pred levels, engineered and selected correctly explosion venting can serve as the simplest protection method. Whether the best venting option for a specific application is a standard or a flameless vent; explosion isolation must also be considered in order to reduce the risk of flame propagation to interconnected process vessels or the plant itself.

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