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        1. 上海騰喜建筑工程有限公司
          防爆安全專家 Explosion Safety Expert
          避險節能 關鍵之鑰
          The key to reducing risk and energy saving
          About Us
          Shanghai Tengxi is a professional manufacturer dedicated to fire and explosion protection of construction and equipment. Established in 2005, with a registered capital of 20 million RMB; we are familiar with international and domestic building standards, and have accumulated many years of project experience in the application of fire and explosion protection in buildings and equipment. As a national industry leader in explosion-proof construction and equipment, Shanghai Tengxi actively participates in the compilation of relevant national building standards and also participates in relevant industry associations to provide customers with professional anti-explosion retrofit assessment services and overall solutions.
          Advancing Products
          按照國標建筑防火設計規范的要求,有爆炸危險的場所必須設置泄壓設施。在眾多的防爆產品中, 主要采用了抗爆區劃的理念進行抗爆設計。其中,針對泄爆及抗爆的應用場景包括了建筑圍護系統及室內隔墻等區域的設計。
          According to the requirements of the national standard building fire protection design code, pressure relief facilities must be installed in places with explosion hazards. Among many explosion-proof products, the concept of anti-explosion zoning is mainly adopted for anti-explosion design. Among them, the application scenarios for explosion venting and anti-explosion include the design of building enclosure systems and indoor partition walls.

          With the issuance of the "Three-year Action Plan for National Security Special Rectification" (State Council Security Committee [2020] No. 3), special rectification actions such as control room renovation and relocation have been carried out for hazardous chemical companies across the country. For the control rooms and shift rooms that really need to be arranged in the production equipment area of Class A and B fire hazards, such buildings should complete the anti-explosion design in accordance with the "Petrochemical Control Room Anti-explosion Design Code" (GB50779-2012). We can perform explosion simulation analysis services and perform structural dynamic reliability analysis of existing buildings according to the customer's site conditions, and tailor an optimized anti-blasting transformation plan that meets the requirements of government regulations.
          Classic Case
          Recent News
          The application of fire-resistant blast-resistant wall is facing the explosion hazard in the control room and cabinet
          17J925-1 Pressed Metal Plate Construction (Implemented)
          17J911 Common Data for Professional Design of Architecture (implemented)
          Our Customers
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